Today, formal clothing is just as diverse as casual clothing. You have plenty of different options that let you look polished, professional, and neat. The office has certain rules that you should follow when it comes to clothing and it is important to abide by them. At the same time, it is importance to ensure that you like what you wear. If you are forced into wearing something that you don’t like, it will cause unnecessary frustration and distraction. Thus, be careful while picking out your formal clothing and related accessories.

When we think about professional clothing, our mind immediately goes to A-line skirts, shirts, pants, and blouses. While these are completely acceptable, we have new ideas for you. Sometimes you can add a professional touch to your clothing by going traditional! In our country, the saree is marked as the typical traditional wear for women but most of us shy away from it for official purposes. This is because we think it is not very formal and also because it is not as comfortable as pants or skirts. Let’s look at the facts now.

Taking into consideration the point of comfort, we must point out that there are many different types of sarees. Some of them are more comfortable than the others. When choosing formal clothing, you can buy handloom sarees, which are very stylish and relatively comfortable at the same time. You may also say that it is not as professional as other options. That is a complete misconception. Saree brings with it the traditional component as well as professionalism, which is why it is recommended. If you are not used to wearing sarees, you can start small by wearing one every now and then. Once you get comfortable with it, you can start wearing sarees regularly to office.

As aforementioned, there are indeed many different types of sarees. This means that you have numerous options to pick from. You don’t have to worry about your build or height because there is a handloom saree for everyone. We have compiled a few tips to wearing the right saree so that you look your best:

  1. Choose the color based on your complexion. Women with darker complexion will look very good in dark sarees and vice versa.
  2. For petite women, handloom sarees with thinner borders are ideal while for taller women, sarees with larger and thicker borders are suitable.
  3. While leaving the pallu open will give you flair, it might hinder your movement. That is why, to the office, we recommend that you pin it up. This will give you a polished look and easy movement.
  4. While pinning your saree, make sure you use attractive pins especially on the shoulder. Large pins may not look nice. You may either choose smaller pins that are very subtle and blend into your saree or pins that are small but stoned just to give you a stylish look.
  5. Make sure your petticoat is not visible. Your legs must not be visible either even if you are wearing heels. Buy a simple petticoat that will stay neatly hidden and will enhance your hadloom saree’s appearance.

Now, we are sure you will try out a handloom saree and turn heads in the office!