You may not be as important as the bride but you are very close. Weddings are generally not just about the bride but also her extremely pretty sister, walking hand in hand with her, and helping her through the night. While you may not have an exquisite budget or lots of time to shop for yourself, you can look dazzling for your sister’s wedding without too much effort! After all, the person to whom you are closest is getting married!

Thankfully, you have a plethora of ideas to dress up and accessorize even if you have to limit yourself due to budget constraints. The trick is to take some time out for yourself with a little help from parents or friends or from the bride herself. Now, take one step after the other starting with your choices and ending with accessories and shoes. If you look online or skim through fashion magazines you will find a number of ideas for brides’ sisters. Chances are that you will get enthralled and tricked into copying a particular style without thinking about it. Not every style will suit you, which is why you have to be careful even if a particular style or idea seems perfect. We have tips to help you in this regard:

Understand Your Needs

You will numerous different color options, fabric options, and style options to pick from. If something catches your fancy, you should ask yourself whether you can pull that particular style, color, or fabric off beautifully and comfortable. Remember that comfort is a very important factor because you’ll wear the dress for many hours. To choose the right color you may have to try on a few options. Needless to say, you should keep away from red because that’s the bride’s color. You have turquoise, green, yellow, and other such vibrant colors that can spin magic, though. Try out different shades as well and you’ll find the perfect match.

When choosing the fabric, you should keep comfort in mind. Lightweight fabrics are the way to go. Also, keep the weather in mind. If it is a summer wedding, anything heavy can be really suffocating. You have a way around this as well. There are beautiful options at boutiques and wedding stores that are decorated with stonework or embroidery while being lightweight. You can specifically look for such fabrics and dresses.

Tip : For Sangeet, Mehendi, and other such pre-wedding bashes, make sure the dress is light enough and comfortable to enable you to dance through the night!

Pick A Style

Now that you know what color and fabric would be best for you, it is time to check the style. You can go completely traditional and choose a full lehenga or you can add a Bollywood twist to your attire with a gorgeous and stylish saree. You can also choose less traditional styles such as a kurta with a skirt. Most sisters today go the traditional way with a Bollywood touch. Even in this niche you’ll find cool options, alluring options, and highly fashionable options. You can think along the lines of Deepika Padukone in the movie Ramleela for an exotic and royal look or Deepika Padukone in Ye Jawani hai Deewani for a cool look. Anarkali chudidars are also extremely fashionable. These will specifically suit pre-wedding functions that require lots of dancing in grace!

If you are confused, you can try a number of different options and then choose a style that suits you, your preferences, and your budget.

The Jewelry

Jewelry is as important as the dress itself. Go traditional and buy jhumka earrings, maangtika, and haath phool. You can also buy head gears to decorate your hair exquisitely. Also, bangles will never grow old! Make sure you are comfortable wearing these jewelry options so that you don’t feel awkward on the big day. If you are wearing highly traditional clothing such as a Kanjeevaram saree, we advise Temple Jewelry. You can also fetch your diamonds from the vault to go with your anarkali or your gown! Weddings are the times to go bold with jewelry. Don’t hesitate but don’t overdo it either.

The Shoes

Choose a color that goes with the color of your dress. A similar shadeis also preferable as long as it gels well. When it comes to shoes, the fit and style are very important. For example, if dancing is on the cards you definitely don’t want to wear stilettoes. Jootis are the best but you can also wear kitten heels especially if you are wearing a saree. With anarkalis, you can wear pumps!

The Accessories

Don’t carry too many accessories. Just a clutch purse with a twist would do. Tassels and embroidered purses are ideal. You can also carry potlis.

Go on, steal the show – be the most beautiful bride’s sister EVER!